FTP Account Access

For files under 250MB please try using the "Submit a Graphics Order" option first. If you do use the FTP transfer you will need a special FTP Login and Password to a private folder - this is not the same as your login for the main website. If this is your first time using the FTP link please contact us so that we may set up your FTP access. Call us at 480-894-1992 or email us at info@mousegraphics.com. We also ask that you use the "Order Form for FTP Large File Transfers" to send us instructions for the files you upload here.

After you login you can select files to upload by dragging them to the "Drop files Here To Upload" area (!) or by using the "Select Files..." button to navigate to them. They will appear in list form below the "Select Files..." button. After you have added all files for the session click the "Upload" button. You will see progress bars for each file and after they uploaded they will show in the list on the left side under "FTP Files". You can download or delete files from this list but please do not depend on previously uploaded files remaining there. There is no history or documentation linked to the files so to avoid confusion we will be deleting them regularly after we have printed your orders.