Order Form for FTP Large File Transfers

Each client has a unique Login and Password to a private folder for FTP transfers. If this is your first time using the FTP link please contact us so that we may set up your FTP access. Call us at 480-894-1992 or email us at info@mousegraphics.com.

Our FTP transfer is a two step process. Any and all instructions must be entered here, then you will use the FTP Transfer link to upload your files. There is no option to add instructions at the FTP link - files just mysteriously appear in your folder so be sure to fill this form in completely.

 If your files are organized in folders we recommend that you Zip them and send us the Zipped files so that your upload will retain the folder structure.

Contact Information

Order Details

Please fill in the information requested below for files that you will upload through the FTP link. Include print size, print type, finishing options, and quantities in your instructions.

After submitting this form please go to the "FTP for large file transfers" link under Orders and Estimates to upload your files.