Signs for School Administration

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Signs for School Administration

School administrators are always looking for ways to make the students feel informed and comfortable in their classrooms and around the school campus. Posters, banners, flyers, and signs can all help a school’s principal, teachers, administration, and other staff communicate important details. 

Printed signs are actually an excellent tool for communicating with your students. Signs around school can serve as constant reminders of policies, safety procedures, and mottos. They can also be used to promote upcoming events and encourage participation in the school community. 

Here are five ideas for how a school administrator can use printed signs.

School staff always want to welcome their students back at the start of the year. For example: 

  • Banner signs are great for this purpose, because everyone will notice them. 
  • Smaller, poster-sized directional signs will help new students find their way around campus to places like the main office, classrooms, library, cafeteria, restrooms, and emergency exits. 
  • Office administration windows can also be clearly marked with removable graphics to show their office hours, names of staff members, the school motto, or other helpful information. 

Kids tend to need occasional reminders to follow the school’s safety guidelines. Signs along the hallways, in the restrooms, or in the cafeteria can help enforce healthy behaviors like washing hands or polite ones like waiting your turn. They can also remind students of the procedures to follow during emergencies like fire drills or lockdowns, or help them remember to be mindful of special rules like peanut-free zones.

Signs can be used to promote occasions such as parent-teacher conferences, school plays, fundraisers, or sports events. 

Here are some examples:

  • Yard signs outside of school announcing the first day of class
  • Posters in the hallways inviting students and their families to attend a school play
  • Flyers on bulletin boards promoting the Homecoming dance
  • Banner sign outside the administrative offices with a list of after-school activities 

There are many fun ways to use signs that will help foster the students’ pride in themselves and in their school. You recognize student accomplishments by showcasing awards, honor rolls, marching band performances, academic achievements, or sports victories. 

Information signs for school administration include signs that detail school policies, academic calendars, lunch menus, library hours, or a list of special events. 

Here are some examples of administration signs for schools:

  • Welcome Back, Students!
  • All Visitors Must Check in at Office
  • No Running 
  • Here to Help!
  • Admissions Now Open 

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