How to Put Vinyl Graphics on an Interior Wall

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How to Put Vinyl Graphics on an Interior Wall

Interior wall graphics are an attractive way to add character to your premises. But it’s essential that you follow the installation instructions carefully. Poorly installed vinyl can quickly start to peel off, making your business look shabby. Here are some tips from our professionals on how to properly stick vinyl to interior walls. 

How to Install Vinyl Graphics

1: Choose the Right Type of Vinyl

Before you even order wall graphics for your business, it’s important to choose the right type of vinyl for the surface. For example, brick and concrete walls have an extremely rough surface, and will need a textured-surface vinyl in order to adhere properly. Basic removable vinyl will stick to smooth walls and can be taken down any time. And permanent vinyl can stick to a smooth surface for many years, but is more difficult to remove. 

2: Prime the Wall

Vinyl graphics stick better to some types of paint than to others, so you may need to prime the wall before installation. The best paint for vinyl graphics is semi-gloss, latex-based paint. Vinyl can have a difficult time sticking to matte, flat, and eggshell finishes. Vinyl won’t stick well to low VOC paints either, due to certain additives in the paint. 

Before you paint the wall, you’ll need to repair any peeling, cracked, or chipped paint. These blemishes will show through the fresh paint as well as the vinyl decal, and prevent the graphic from sticking. And before installing the vinyl graphic, you should wait 30 days to let the paint cure. 

3: Make Sure the Wall Is Clean and Dry

Whether or not you decide to paint the wall beforehand, the wall must be completely clean before you apply the vinyl. Dust and debris can not only affect how the vinyl sticks to the wall, but will also show through and make the graphic look cheap and unattractive. 

Avoid using chemical cleaners on the wall—the residue can actually affect the vinyl adhesive and cause the graphic to fail. All you need is a clean, lint-free cloth that has been dampened with water. 

After cleaning the wall, you’ll need to wait until it is fully dry before installing the vinyl. Although vinyl graphics are water resistant, they won’t stick to a damp surface. 

4: Position the Vinyl Graphic on the Wall

The last step before installing the vinyl graphic is to preview the position you want it to be in. Using a level to ensure the design is perfectly straight, tape the vinyl to the wall and take a few steps back to view how the overall design looks. Once you’ve made the final adjustments, leave the decal on the wall with a piece of tape on the top edge so you can install it more easily. 

5: Gather the Right Tools and Apply the Vinyl

Finally, it’s time to stick the vinyl graphic on the wall. You’ll need a felt-covered squeegee to ensure you get even pressure, and to avoid bubbles and wrinkles. 

To install the graphic, carefully peel back the top edge of the liner and adhere the top edge of the graphic to the wall. Then work your way down with the squeegee, carefully and slowly peeling back more of the liner. 

As you apply the graphic, run your squeegee from the center of the graphic to its edges to remove bubbles. After applying the graphic, you can use a rubber roller to smooth out any remaining bubbles. 

Wall Vinyl Graphics in Tempe, Arizona

Choosing high quality vinyl graphics will help the installation process go more smoothly. Mousegraphics has been providing premium print services in Tempe for over 30 years. We offer a wide variety of adhesive vinyl for interior and exterior walls. 

Are you ready to print some wall graphics that will help your business shine? Call us today at 480-470-7438 to discuss our services and the type of surface you’re working with. 

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