How to Make Your Tabletop Display Stand Out at Trade Shows

tabletop trade show display - trade show exhibits lined up

How to Make Your Tabletop Display Stand Out at Trade Shows

If you’re looking for creative ways to catch the attention of potential clients at trade shows, you definitely need a customized tabletop display. Versatile, easily portable, and easy to spot in a crowd, tabletop displays have many advantages at exhibitions. 

As a provider of high quality trade show marketing and display materials, Mousegraphics knows what it takes to make your booth stand out. Here are some of our best tips to help you generate ideas for a tabletop trade show display design. 

How to Make an Eye-Catching Tabletop Trade Show Display

1: Choose One Large Image

Tabletop displays like free-standing exhibits, and tension fabric displays can provide plenty of room for your creative designs. However, too much creativity can do more harm than good—it’s important to keep your design simple and easy to read. 

For instance, multiple images on a single tabletop sign will look chaotic and confusing from afar. To catch the attention of trade show attendees, it’s best to design your tabletop sign with one large image. Choose a high quality picture that aligns with your brand and is easily recognizable from several feet away. 

2: Keep the Text Short

Another design element you need to keep simple is the text. People aren’t going to stop to read long paragraphs while they’re on the move. And even a short message won’t be effective if the font is too small or too intricate to be read from a distance. 

Brief, easy-to-read, impactful messages will draw more visitors to your booth, where they can learn more about your services, products, and business. Save your detailed information for marketing materials like brochures and catalogs that visitors can take with them to read later on. 

3: Include a Printed Table Cover

An effective tabletop display also makes use of the table it rests on. Don’t rely on the plain, worn-out tablecloth some venues offer. Instead, design a custom-printed tablecloth with your business’s name and logo to complement your tabletop display. Just keep in mind that a tablecloth is below eye level, so save your booth’s most important messaging for the tabletop display and other eye-level signage.  

4: Use a Cohesive Color Scheme

Your tabletop sign, tablecloth, and trade show booth backdrop should all have a cohesive color scheme that creates a uniform, professional display. Using a custom color palette helps boost brand awareness and makes your booth more eye-catching and memorable. 

Before you send your trade show designs to print, it’s critical that you choose the right Pantone colors. That way, every element of your booth that uses the same colors will match perfectly, whether it’s printed on paper, vinyl, or fabric. 

5: Make Sure Your Booth Has Good Lighting

A dimly lit booth doesn’t look very inviting, and low light also makes it difficult to read signage from a distance. There are many ways to add better lighting to your booth, such as clamping exhibit-quality LED lights to tables or banners. You can even attach a light directly to your tabletop display sign to help it stand out and brighten up your space. Just make sure you arrange electrical service in advance, as it’s not always available.

Tabletop Displays in Tempe, Arizona

There are many elements that go into creating a good tabletop display. From custom tablecloths and signage to booth lighting, Mousegraphics can print and supply everything you need to create an eye-catching tabletop display for your next trade show. We also supply hand sanitizer dispenser stands and shields to ensure your booth follows your venue’s Covid-19 safety guidelines. Call us at 480-894-1992 today to learn more about our printing and trade show display services. 

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (10/13/2022). Image by purplegillian from Pixabay