How Wrapping Utility Boxes Can Promote Your Business

wrapping utility boxes - vinyl wrapped red utility box

How Wrapping Utility Boxes Can Promote Your Business

Utility boxes usually go ignored because they’re so unattractive, but they don’t have to be! You can actually use utility boxes to your advantage with vinyl wrapping. With an eye-catching design, vinyl wraps give you the opportunity to cover up an eyesore with creative designs that draw attention to your business or beautify your town. Here are the many ways that vinyl wrapping utility boxes can benefit your business or town. 

Six Reasons Why You Should Vinyl-Wrap Utility Boxes

1: Use Them to Promote Your Business

Like window graphics and other outdoor signage, vinyl wrapping utility boxes allows you to take advantage of unused space and turn it into advertising. You can create a design that directs pedestrians to your business, promotes your products and services, or simply boosts brand awareness. 

Plus, people are used to billboards and posters, but wrapped utility boxes are a much more unique form of advertising. People are sure to notice your design as they pass by, making your business more memorable. 

2: Turn an Eyesore into Eye-Catching Art

Electrical enclosures are boring, and can become quite an eyesore after years of exposure to the elements and vandalism. Whether you collaborate with local artists or create your own design, you can turn your drab utility box into a beautiful work of art. Attractive electrical boxes are the perfect way to help beautify your street and bring more attention to your business. 

3: Protect Your Enclosure from the Elements

Vinyl wraps aren’t just visually appealing, they’re also very practical. Electrical enclosures are vulnerable to damage from the sun, water, dust, and extreme weather. This can lead to corrosion and mold, which may cause the electrical box to short-circuit or otherwise dangerously malfunction. Luckily, a simple vinyl wrap can help protect your utility box from damage and extend its lifespan.

4: Prevent Vandalism

Unfortunately, plain utility boxes are prime real estate for graffiti. Utility boxes are unsightly on their own, but look much worse when they’re covered in stickers and tags. Plus, the vandalism reflects poorly on your business. 

Sometimes, a colorful vinyl wrap on your equipment box can be enough to discourage vandalism because it no longer offers a blank canvas. But if you really want to protect your equipment, make sure to choose an anti-graffiti laminate finish for your vinyl wrap. 

5: Vinyl Wraps Are Durable and Long-Lasting 

Vinyl is a very durable material that holds up well outdoors. Whether you plan to design artwork, place directional signage, or run an ad campaign, you can expect the vinyl wrap to last. In fact, utility box wraps can last for five years or more as long as they aren’t regularly subjected to extreme weather conditions. 

6: Vinyl Wraps Are Easy to Replace

Vinyl wraps are easy to install and to remove, so you can replace a utility box wrap as soon as it starts showing signs of wear. Or, you can change out your designs with the seasons to keep your advertising fresh. 

Utility Box Wrapping in Tempe, Arizona

If you’re interested in vinyl wrapping your utility box, contact Mousegraphics in Tempe. We can wrap a wide variety of unique objects, including utility boxes. We’ve been providing high quality printing services to the Arizona community for over 30 years. Give us a call at 480-470-7438 today to discuss your project. 

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (2/13/2023). Photo by Leon Seibert on Unsplash