7 Key Components of a Successful Trade Show Marketing Strategy

trade show marketing strategy

7 Key Components of a Successful Trade Show Marketing Strategy

Developing a comprehensive marketing strategy will help ensure that your booth reaches all of your trade show goals. At Mousegraphics, we help businesses create exceptional booths by printing a wide range of trade show display materials. Today we’re sharing some tips on how to develop an effective trade show marketing strategy. 

Seven Tips to Develop a Successful Trade Show Marketing Strategy

1. Start Planning Early

When designing an event marketing plan, it is important to start working on your strategy as early as possible. You should begin planning at least six months before your trade show, expo, or convention in order to allow enough time to implement your marketing strategy. Make sure to include as many details in your marketing plan as possible, from defining your target audience to promoting the event. 

2. Determine Your Business Goals

Setting specific goals will help you measure the success of your booth more accurately. Some achievable trade show goals include increasing brand awareness, generating new leads, and retaining current customers. Your trade show marketing strategy should also include a plan for meeting those goals. For example, your plan could include handing out print marketing materials, introducing a new product, or showing customer appreciation.  

3. Define Your Budget

Once you set your goals and make a plan to reach them, you can define your budget. Creating a budget will help you manage the costs of reaching your trade show goals. Your budget should account for your booth display, marketing materials, staffing, time for following up on leads, rental fees, and any other costs involving your exhibit space. 

4. Design a Stand-Out Booth

Your trade show booth must reflect your brand in order to help you reach your goals. Designing an engaging display that includes interactive elements and utilizes your brand’s font and colors will attract more attendees to your booth. It’s also important to maximize your exhibit space. Depending on your goals, make sure to designate areas for product presentations and demonstrations, or places for attendees to sit down and get a consultation or provide certain information.  

5. Promote Your Booth

Your marketing strategy should also plan for the advance promotion of your booth. Announce on social media ahead of time that your business will be at the event, and let attendees know what to expect from your booth. You can also provide details in advance by creating an events webpage and sending out a newsletter. On the day of the event, remind attendees of your presence by featuring a picture of your display on social media. 

6. Train Your Team

Effectively promoting and designing your trade show booth will draw more visitors, but having a well-trained staff will make those visitors more likely to engage. Assemble a team that is friendly, knowledgeable about your business and products, and happy to be at the trade show. Make sure your team can properly manage the booth by providing them with the time and materials they need to complete their training before the event. 

7. Reach Out After the Event

Plan a strategy in advance for how you plan to follow up on the leads you collect during the event. This will make it easier for you to reach out in a timely manner. It’s important to send thanks and follow up with your leads within 24 to 48 hours after the trade show, while your business is still fresh in their minds. 

Trade Show Display Printing in Tempe, AZ

Don’t forget to plan for your booth display when putting together your trade show marketing strategy! From brochures to banners, Mousegraphics in Tempe, Arizona is experienced in printing a variety of booth display materials in various sizes. We make sure your display accurately reflects your vision. Call (480) 470-7438 today to discuss your project.

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