Avoid These Common Trade Show Booth Mistakes

trade show booth mistakes

Avoid These Common Trade Show Booth Mistakes

Exhibiting at a trade show is a big commitment, and you’re going to have to invest a considerable amount of time and money to make it worthwhile. If you want to see a return on your investment, avoiding these common mistakes will help ensure your success. 

Four Rookie Trade Show Mistakes to Avoid

Before the day of the trade show arrives, you’ll want to market your presence to maximize the number of visitors at your booth. An email campaign sent to a targeted list of individuals can interest people who otherwise wouldn’t know about the event. Social media and word of mouth can also be powerful tools when used in the right circles. Always network where it matters! 

It’s natural and easy to network during a trade show when other industry professionals are flooding the room. Some of them will be ready to connect, however, between attending seminars and making their own presentations they won’t have much time. Having a planned itinerary before the event will allow you to promote your business successfully. Conversations, group meetings, and pitches that are scheduled in advance will take place without the added stress of last-minute planning. 

To build a list of meaningful people to network with, first find out who is planning on attending and/or presenting at the trade show. Research their products and businesses, and form an initial connection with them. This should be simple and genuine. Comment on their blogs or social media posts, and send them a DM or an email letting them know you want to connect at the trade show. Then, make a list of topics of shared interest to cover before you meet with them. 

Larger booths tend to get higher priority at trade shows. However, they’re not necessary for everyone. Large booths often see more traffic than small booths simply because of placement. It’s ideal to have your booth located near the entrance or along a main aisle. A downside to big spaces and high-traffic areas is that they cost more, but the price tag can be worth getting noticed. If you need a big booth to display your new products properly, perform demonstrations, or engage more personally with attendees, securing a large space will be worthwhile. 

Creating an impactful and dynamic layout can be a challenge. It’s easy to bring everything you think could help your message succeed, or put everything you think people may be interested in out on a table. However, these days trade show booths are tending towards simplicity and minimalism. When it comes to the layout of your booth, all of the details matter from the height of the walls to the positioning of furniture, signs, and tables. Invest in quality materials so you can use them at future trade shows, and only include elements that are clear and meaningful. 

Here are three easy tips to keep in mind as you design your space

  1. Be consistent with branding. Display your company’s color and logo in attractive and effective ways on all of your signs, banners, tablecloths, and promotional materials.
  2. Consider traffic flow and plan your layout around the way people will move through your booth. 
  3. Keep your message clear. Communicate the value of your products or services with your design and visual presence. Stick to the objectives you set before the trade show.  

Professional Printers Can Help You Avoid Common Trade Show Mistakes

At Mousegraphics here in Tempe, we print, set up, produce, and create high-quality, affordable trade show displays for all kinds of booths both large and small. Whether you need banners and displays or business cards and brochures or for your next trade show, we’re happy to help you every step of the way. Professional printing will help you make a great first impression. Contact us today at 480-470-7438 or send us a message to schedule a consultation.