Car Magnet vs. Vinyl Decal: What’s the Difference?

car magnet vs decal - car with advertising on door

Car Magnet vs. Vinyl Decal: What’s the Difference?

Looking to advertise your business on the road? When it comes to making signs for vehicles, there are two major options—magnets and decals. Both can turn your car into an eye-catching mobile billboard, but there are several factors to consider when choosing between them. We put together this guide on car magnets vs. vinyl decals to help you make the best choice for your next marketing campaign. 

What’s the Difference Between Car Magnets and Vinyl Decals?

Both car magnets and vinyl decals are effective ways to promote your business around town. You can easily display your logo and contact information using either type of vehicle signage. However, magnets and decals are not the same, and you will need to choose the right one in order for your marketing efforts to be successful. 

The main difference between magnets and decals is how they attach to the vehicle. Magnets simply stick to the steel surfaces of the car—typically the doors—and can be easily removed, so they are more versatile. Vinyl decals, however, must be professionally installed, and are not easily removable. 

On the other hand, you have more options with vinyl than with magnets. In addition to decals, you can also showcase your designs using vinyl lettering or vehicle wrapping. With magnets, you are much more limited when it comes to size and placement. 

Car Magnet vs. Vinyl Decal: What to Consider

1: Type of Vehicle

Before you send it to a print shop, it’s important to make sure your design is compatible with your vehicle. If your car is made from lightweight materials like aluminum instead of steel, magnets likely will not stick to it. Magnets are also unsuitable for vehicles with a lot of curves, which may limit their placement. 

2: Appearance

You’ll need to consider how the finished design will look on your vehicle. For example, vinyl decals and wraps look much more sleek and professional. Although the designs on a car magnet may look sharp and vibrant, the magnets themselves are just slapped on, so they don’t always look as good as vinyl.

3: Removability

However, the fact that magnets are easily removable makes them the perfect choice for seasonal designs. They also allow you to use your personal vehicle for promotion without having to sacrifice its appearance. One drawback to keep in mind is that anyone can remove car magnets, so you’ll need to either remove the magnets or keep the car in a garage when it’s not in use. 

4: Cost Effectiveness

The simplicity of car magnets makes them much more affordable than vinyl decals. If you only need vehicle signage for an event, or want to run a short-term ad campaign, magnets are the better choice. But vinyl decals and vehicle wraps can last a long time, so it can be more cost-effective to choose vinyl for long-term campaigns. 

5: Size

Finally, you need to consider the finished size. Magnets generally don’t cover much space on a car, but can be the perfect size for a business logo or slogan. With vinyl, you can cover a small area with lettering that displays your contact information, or cover the entire vehicle with full vinyl wrapping for a more eye-catching look. 

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