Print Essentials for Your Graduate

Print Essentials for Your Graduate

Spring is just around the corner, and with the sunshine and blossoms it brings, there also comes a fresh burst of energy to help you get ready for what’s next. Many of us are planning summer projects and getting our to-do’s in order. And if you have a child who is about to celebrate a graduation, you’ll need to handle all the items on your checklist, from printing announcements to finding unique ways to display their photos. 

Once you’ve come up with a theme for the graduation party, you’ll need all the essentials that go along with it. A custom banner or cut-out of the graduate is a fun way to showcase their achievements and stay on-theme. During a party or celebration, a banner will stand out from the noise of the room, and your guests will easily be able to see all your favorite photos. You can also highlight your child’s athletic, creative, or academic accomplishments with a cut-out of them performing. It lets everyone see them at their best and makes for a fun photo prop.

Four Print Essentials for Your Graduate

Everyone needs these! People still prefer the formality of a paper invite to help them remember the upcoming event, even if they RSVP virtually. Custom invitations show off your graduate’s personality and style, as well as a photo or two. If you’ve built a simple website for the party, including a QR code on the back of your invitation will allow your guests to respond or find directions and details quickly.

Party decorations at a graduation don’t feel complete without a banner. Celebratory banners draw a lot of attention, and if you’re having an open house, an outdoor banner will set your home apart from the rest of the neighborhood. Guests will find your location with ease when they see an image of your happy graduate leading them in. We print custom banners that can be hung inside or out.

Creating a mini red-carpet event offers an opportunity to take a memorable photo with the graduate. This theme can be fun for everyone, whether you’re hosting a kindergarten graduation or a highschool open house. Custom-printing a banner stand to use as a backdrop provides a themed experience and a fun prop for your guests’ photos. 


1) A hockey rink, football field, or basketball court 

2) A chalkboard marked up with mathematical equations 

3) A list of your graduate’s experiences, what they will do next, and highlights of their high school career

You don’t have to wait until after graduation to start showing off your favorite student. Start celebrating early with custom yard signs. Did Kendra win a state title for wrestling this year? Let everyone know—it’s a great talking piece. Get creative and let their accomplishments show! Discover five other ways you can use yard signs this graduation season. 

If you want your yard signs, banners, and invites to stand out from the other ones, choose a local print shop who can fill your custom printing needs. When you order online, you’ll be stuck choosing from generic template options and pre-made designs that might not fit your vision. 

At Mousegraphics we can print everything you need for your graduate’s special day. We can help you select the perfect options, from paper choice on invitations to which style of banner will suit your party location. 

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