How Custom Door and Wall Wraps Help Your Business

door and wall wraps - printed wall in a cafe

How Custom Door and Wall Wraps Help Your Business

Custom door and wall wraps offer an opportunity to create a wonderful, unique atmosphere for your business. These vinyl-printed designs can display key information for customers and frame the identity that you wish to have as a brand. For modern entrepreneurs, custom interior and exterior wraps are a powerful, cost-effective way to bring new life to a workplace that caters to both employees and customers.

If you have a custom design for a wrap that needs a perfect print, Mousegraphics is proud to offer first-class digital printing services. Our experienced print specialists and wide range of printers produce high-quality results that reflect your corporate culture and promote your business.

Why Use Door and Wall Wraps?

Door and wall wraps provide an easy way to customize the physical presence of your business. By incorporating your interior designs with an understanding of your business needs, you can optimize your space to give your customers a better experience. You can also use wraps to create a motivating workspace for your employees.

Make Great First Impressions

In many ways, a wrapped surface acts like a business card—wall and door wraps communicate your brand’s key information efficiently as your clients walk through your space. Plus, a great design creates a memorable experience that will keep your customers thinking of you in the future.

Make Your Marketing Budget Count

When you’re a small business building your identity through graphic design, it’s crucial that you make every dollar count. Wall and door wraps are perfect for a small budget because they’re low-cost and durable. Additionally, they will outlast painted surfaces in similar conditions. Wall wraps let you customize more surfaces and look great for a long time.

Design Your Workplace Environment

Wall and door wraps are always custom-made, tailored to match your branding needs and the space provided. A custom wrap can brighten up spaces like offices, lobbies, and conference rooms without sacrificing any space or functionality. They give your business what it needs to shine in any situation, especially if you seek to incorporate new interior design trends.

How Are Custom Door and Wall Wraps Made and Attached?

Before printing and design work begins, it’s important to measure your doors or walls accurately. Precise measurements will help determine your design options. Different surface sizes may require image adjustments before printing, in order to appear pleasant, your design also needs to also allow for obstacles and protrusions like light switches and door handles, and openings like windows.

Generally, custom door and wall wraps are made using adhesive vinyl film. Your design will be printed on the type of vinyl film that best suits your interior or exterior spaces. Designers typically use glossy vinyl when working outdoors, due to its lifespan of five to seven years. Interior wraps typically use matte vinyl, because it’s gentler on the eyes. 

How Large Can Custom Wraps Get?

Custom door and wall wraps can be almost any size you desire! You can wrap a single door or a billboard-sized wall. Obviously, different sizes will have different requirements for image size and quality. Beyond that, your budget is the only other factor that will determine how large your wrap can be.

How Much Do Door and Wall Wraps Cost?

The exact cost of a wall or door wrap will vary depending on the materials used, the size, and whether the surface area is smooth or rough. Exact costs can only be determined from job to job. In general, you can expect larger prints such as wall wraps on rough surfaces to be more expensive than smaller prints for doors with smooth surfaces. However, before ruling out a large wrap, you should always speak with your print partner to determine how the price will fit into your budget.

Interested in Customizing Your Walls and Doors?

If you’re looking to brighten up your space with custom wall or door wraps, print quality makes a huge difference. Mousegraphics has been printing large format graphics and signage for decades, and we can use this experience to create the perfect vinyl wrap for you. Contact us at (480) 470-7438 to get a quote for wall wraps today!

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash.