5 Simple Graphic Design Tips for Small Businesses

graphic design tips for small businesses

5 Simple Graphic Design Tips for Small Businesses

Graphic design is a key aspect of any marketing strategy. How you design your marketing materials influences how potential customers will perceive your brand and often whether or not they will choose your business over the competition. At Mousegraphics print shop, we understand the importance of graphic design in business. That’s why we put together this list of simple graphic design tips for small businesses to help you create and print eye-catching designs.

Best Graphic Design Tips for Small businesses

1. Keep it Simple

Don’t get too carried away with your creativity—when it comes to graphic design, less is often more. However, keeping it simple doesn’t mean you can’t be innovative or bold. Just make sure to avoid using too many images, colors, fonts, etc. For a simple, clean design, try using fewer words that still coherently get your message across. 

Refine your design by choosing no more than three different colors and sticking to one font. It’s a good idea to incorporate your logo colors into your design in order to make your brand more recognizable. Make sure your font choice is easy to read at any size so that you can use the same font across multiple types of marketing materials.

2. Be Consistent in Your Design

Staying consistent with your design across all of your marketing efforts is another way to help build your reputation and spread brand awareness. Increasing brand awareness makes your business more trustworthy and desirable to potential customers. Apart from using the same colors and fonts to reflect your brand, your design should also feature your logo and use the same tone of voice that your brand uses across all written communication. 

3. Know Your Objective

Every piece of marketing material you design should have a clear goal. Understanding your marketing objectives, like generating new leads or increasing website traffic, will help you develop a concise message for your design. Defining your goals will also help you create stronger calls to action for your marketing materials. For example, telling a customer to scan a QR code to visit your website and use a promo code for a discount is a clear message that provides trackable results. 

4. Understand Your Audience

In order to achieve your marketing goals, it is also important to understand the audience you are trying to reach. Your target audience is the group of people who are most likely to engage with your business. Demographics of your target audience include age, location, interests, and more factors that connect them to your business and your industry. 

Defining and understanding your target audience will help you create a design that has the right impact. For instance, if you are creating a catalog for a high-end fashion brand, you should create an elegant design with soft colors and sleek font. If you plan to use posters to promote an upcoming concert or festival, you may want to use more vibrant colors and a bold font, depending on the tone of the event. 

5. Get Creative

There’s plenty of room for creativity when designing simple and effective marketing materials. Opting for unique textures and cuts of your materials are fun ways to compliment your design and make your materials stand out. You should also embrace your business’s personality with your design to help potential customers better understand who you are. Whatever creative choices you implement, make sure that they still reflect your brand and fit well with your overall design. 

Print Shop in Tempe

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Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (1/14/2022). Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash