When Should You Use Posters for Advertising?

advantages of posters in advertising

When Should You Use Posters for Advertising?

Wondering why posters are still so effective in advertising? Posters have been a successful marketing tool for years because they’re an inexpensive and versatile way to reach your local audience and convert customers. At Mousegraphics, we help small businesses increase their success by printing high-quality posters on various materials. Continue reading to learn more about the many advertising advantages that posters can offer your business.

When Should You Use Posters in Advertising?

Posters first became popular between the late 19th century and early 20th century. While posters were originally used for an art style that captured cultural celebration, over time they became an artistic way to advertise businesses, events, and more. 

You should be using posters for advertising when you want to:

  • Spread brand awareness
  • Attract customers to your business
  • Promote your products and services
  • Provide information about relevant promotions, discounts, events, etc.

Six Advantages of Posters in Advertising

1.  Versatility

One of the factors that make posters so effective is their versatility—they can be hung almost anywhere! You can use posters inside your business to inform curious customers about your promotions and events, or place them outside to draw more customers in. Remember to strategically place your posters where they are easily visible and to include a clear call to action that encourages engagement.

Posters are also versatile in size and shape, and can fit the needs of any business. Large posters offer more visibility, while smaller posters fit conveniently on bulletin boards. Posters are also flexible in design, so you can get as creative as you like or use your poster to make a more subtle impact. 

2. Exposure

Because posters can stay up for long periods of time in a highly-trafficked space, they get a lot of exposure. Magazines and newspapers typically end up in the trash, but posters can be viewed nearly 24/7. More exposure means that more people see your poster, which leads to increased sales and increased brand awareness. The benefits from your posters will last even longer when you use durable materials and frames.

3. Reach 

Posters aren’t limited to your business premises. When you hang posters at transit stops, in coffee shops, and across various public spaces, you can reach even more local customers. Collaborating with local fairs and trade shows allows you to hang your posters in a space that reaches a wider range of potential customers. 

4. Call to Action

Posters can do more than just spread brand awareness. By including a call to action on your poster, you can direct new traffic to your business, website, or social media for increased conversions. A strong call to action tells the reader what to do, and why they should do it. For instance, your call to action could encourage readers to use a discount code on your website, call a number to book an appointment, visit your location, or scan a QR code to learn more. 

5. Cost

Compared to magazines, newspapers, and other print advertisements, posters are inexpensive to produce. Depending on their size and design, you can order large quantities of posters at a low cost, allowing you to increase your marketing efforts without going over budget. Because they are so affordable, posters have the potential to offer a high return on investment.

6. Visibility

Another beneficial factor that makes posters so effective is that they are highly visible thanks to their flexibility in size and placement. An easily visible poster with a compelling design is sure to draw customers to your business. 

You can design an eye-catching poster that converts customers by including the following elements:

  • Easy-to-read text (even when viewed from a distance)
  • High-quality photos or images
  • A strong call to action
  • Bold colors and contrasts

Affordable Poster Printing in Tempe, AZ

From flexibility to cost-effectiveness, the advantages of posters in advertising can help you grow your business. If you want high-quality, affordable, professionally printed posters, take your design to Mousegraphics in Tempe, Arizona. We print a wide variety of premium marketing materials and can help you meet all of your printing needs. Call (480) 470-7438 today to discuss your project!

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (10/27/2021). Photo by Yonghyun Lee on Unsplash