Can You Vinyl Wrap Anything?

what surfaces can you vinyl wrap - man vinyl wrapping an object

Can You Vinyl Wrap Anything?

Vinyl wrapping unique objects is a creative way to draw more attention to your business. But vinyl wrapping isn’t just for turning a vehicle into a moving billboard. From doors to signposts, there are many kinds of objects you can wrap in vinyl. However, before you start designing your next vinyl wrap project, it’s important to know which kinds of surfaces you can and can’t wrap in a vinyl sticker. We put together this guide to help you plan a design that lasts.

What Types of Surfaces Can You Vinyl Wrap?

Vinyl wraps and graphics are typically installed on windows, walls, floors, and vehicles. But you can wrap virtually anything in a vinyl sticker. Vinyl graphics on items like refrigerators, light posts, and even garage doors can help your business stand out.

Vinyl wraps will easily stick to glass, metal, plastic, and varnished wood as long as the surface is smooth and clean. You can even use vinyl wraps on walls, especially those with a fresh top coat of water-based, semi-gloss latex paint. If you’ve recently painted your walls, it’s important to wait at least 30 days before installing any vinyl graphics.  

What Can’t You Vinyl Wrap?

Although you can vinyl wrap a vast range of objects, there are some surfaces that just won’t take a vinyl sticker.

Rough Surfaces

You need a smooth surface for a vinyl wrap to stick properly. Vinyl wraps will not adhere well to rusted metal, untreated wood, or other rough surfaces. Rough surfaces can also make your graphic deteriorate quickly. If you’re looking to add vinyl to a brick, tile, or concrete surface, you will need to use textured surface vinyl for proper adhesion.

Dirty and Damaged Surfaces

Because vinyl wraps cling so tightly to an object, they highlight every flaw and piece of debris that gets trapped underneath. It’s essential that you thoroughly clean and dry the surface before installation to prevent bumps, bubbles, cracks, and other issues. You will need to repair surface damage such as peeling paint, chips, or cracks first so that the object is as smooth as possible before installing the vinyl. 

Complex Shapes

Certain objects are too curvy, or have intricate or awkward shapes that are much too difficult to wrap in vinyl. Because the vinyl is applied in sheets, it can become too distorted when wrapped around spheres and complex shapes. So objects like bike helmets, vehicle grilles, and wheels typically are not vinyl wrapped—at least not without the services of a professional installer.  

Extremely Hot or Cold Surfaces

Vinyl is very durable and can last for years outdoors. However, vinyl does not react well to extreme temperatures during installation. Although installing the vinyl involves the use of some heat, it can become too soft to stick properly in high heat, while extreme cold can make it brittle. But you can still vinyl wrap objects like refrigerators and beverage cooler displays as long as they don’t have complex curves.  

Custom Vinyl Wraps in Tempe, Arizona

Now that you know what surfaces you can vinyl wrap, you can let your creativity flow. Once you have a design that’s ready for print, send it to Mousegraphics in Tempe. We can vinyl wrap a variety of objects, including refrigerators, doors, and more. Call us at 480-470-7438 to learn more about our vinyl wrapping services.