Vinyl Wraps You Wouldn’t Have Thought About

things to wrap in vinyl

Vinyl Wraps You Wouldn’t Have Thought About

Did you know that cars aren’t the only cool things you can wrap in vinyl? From garage doors to refrigerators, there is a wide variety of objects you can vinyl wrap with your name and logo to promote your business. At Mousegraphics, we help Arizona businesses turn eyesores into eye-catching advertisements with custom vinyl wraps. If you’re looking for unique ways to attract more customers, you’ll find plenty of ideas on this list of cool things to wrap in vinyl. 

Six Unexpected Objects to Wrap in Vinyl

1: Walls

Wall wraps are the perfect way to make an excellent first impression. For instance, wall graphics make an impression as soon as a customer walks in the door. Choosing the right materials, colors, and messaging can go a long way toward increasing brand awareness. You can use wall wraps or cut vinyl letter graphics to communicate your core values or display quotes and images that align with your brand. 

2: Doors

Vinyl wraps on doors are an inexpensive way to give your business a new look. You can make office doors look like wood or give your retail store’s doors a pop of color without the need to invest in new doors or expensive materials. Vinyl wraps are also very durable and easy to clean, making wrapped doors more resilient to everyday wear and easier to maintain than laminate doors. 

3: Garage Doors

If your business has garage doors, you can use them as a more affordable alternative to billboards to market your business to a local audience. Large format advertisements are much more noticeable, leading to better brand recognition and bringing more traffic into your business. Whether it’s simply a high quality image or your business name written in a bright, attractive font, your garage door advertising campaign is sure to draw attention. 

4: Windows

Because vinyl wraps are easy to remove, they’re the perfect format for seasonal window displays. From advertising sales to celebrating holidays, you can dress up your windows in a variety of eye-catching ways. However, vinyl window wraps don’t always have to be temporary. Vinyl designs won’t fade, crack, or warp in the sun, so you can enjoy a high-quality window display for years to come. 

5: Refrigerators

Make the breakroom more enjoyable by transforming the office refrigerator into a work of art. A well-designed break room can actually increase productivity by creating a better work environment. Or, you can collaborate with other businesses to advertise your services on their breakroom fridge with an impressive vinyl wrap design. 

Vinyl Wrapped Objects in Tempe

Mousegraphics in Tempe can help you bring your creative ideas to life. We can wrap your doors, windows, light posts, signposts, refrigerators, and many other interesting things in vinyl to help your business stand out from the crowd. Call (480) 470-7438 today to request an estimate or discuss our vinyl wrapping options

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (7/19/2022) (cropped). Photo by Adam Bouse on Unsplash