2022’s Top Graphic Design Trends

Graphic design trends

2022’s Top Graphic Design Trends

Have you been keeping up with this year’s graphic design trends? Combining your unique branding with trending design elements can help you stand out from your competition. Here at Mousegraphics, we tend to notice when certain design trends become popular in printing. Let’s take a look at some of the top graphic design trends of 2022 and how they can help you improve your advertising campaigns. 

The 5 Top Graphic Design Trends of 2022

1: Nostalgic Designs

One of the biggest graphic design trends in 2022 is a retro, Y2K aesthetic. Bright pastels, neon colors, and metallic or holographic designs reminiscent of the early 2000s are prominent in current design trends. 

The futuristic designs of the 2000’s convey a hopeful outlook, which is likely why this trend has been recently gaining in popularity. In addition to futuristic Y2K elements, geometric designs in bold, vibrant colors are also on-trend, as well as playful sans-serif typefaces.

However, the ’90s are also making a comeback, especially in fashion, movies, and TV. Nostalgic designs give new products a comforting familiarity, so 90s-inspired graphic design is still going strong when it comes to advertising. 

2: Mincho Fonts

Sans-serif typefaces aren’t the only typography trend of 2022. Mincho—a Japanese typeface with a modern, calligraphic look—is popular for giving monochrome designs an elegant, professional appearance. If the playfulness of 90s and Y2K nostalgia don’t fit with your branding, monochrome designs and Mincho typefaces may be the perfect options to help your business stay on-trend. 

3: Tonal Colors

Although pastels and neons are popular right now, not every business can choose these types of colors. In contrast to vibrant, nostalgic designs, tonal colors are also trending. Using tonal colors means using different shades of a few colors that belong to the same group (like light and dark blues and purples). Instead of creating a bold, contrasting design, tonal colors create a calm, soothing design that works well for advertising luxury brands.

4: Images Layered with Fonts

Layering typography over images to create texture makes for an eye-catching type of design that has also been gaining in popularity. This design technique is best used with bold fonts and colorful images or with sleek, modern fonts and monochrome images, depending on your style of branding. If you need new ideas for creating posters, try implementing this trending technique to help your designs pop off the surface. 

5: Parametric Patterns

Another recent design trend is parametric patterns. Parametric patterns are very versatile designs—their geometric structures and continuous lines mimic parametric graphs. Parametric patterns work well with a variety of color schemes, from black and white or tonal, to neon or pastel. They also give your design a unique texture that’s sure to draw attention. While this design is popular for websites, it’s also a good choice for brochures and catalog covers. 

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Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (7/1/2022). Photo by Emily Bernal on Unsplash