4 Tips for Designing Window Graphics

window graphics design - vinyl graphic on business window

4 Tips for Designing Window Graphics

When it comes to window graphics design, the possibilities are endless. From small, simple lettering that displays your business hours, to an entire window that advertises your products, and everything in between, you can customize your windows in any way you like. Here are a few tips from our experts on how to make sure your window graphics look perfect every time.

Four Window Graphics Design Tips 

1: Keep the Type of Decal in Mind

It’s important to decide which type of window graphics you want before you start designing. Different types of decals have different effects that could impact your design choices. 

For example, perforated vinyl graphics display an image on one side, but allow you to see through the other because of their many tiny holes. If you create a design with fine text or small images, much of the detail will be lost when those holes are cut—opaque or transparent vinyl would work better for detailed designs. Or, if you want to create the appearance of etched glass, you can choose frosted window graphics. 

2: Know Where You Plan to Place It

Another thing to keep in mind before you begin designing is where your graphic will be placed. If you just want to display your store hours, then a small graphic placed at eye level on or near the door to your business is best. But if you want to catch the attention of passersby, you should create a large design. 

There are a few things to consider when deciding on size and placement. For instance, do you want to fill the window frame? Do you need to work around your logo, hours, or other decals already in place? Does the decal need to be big enough for people to see it when driving or walking? Making these decisions now will help you avoid costly redesigns in the future.  

3: Make It Pop

Window graphics are very versatile, so you can go as big and as bold as the space will allow. Choosing bright colors will help draw attention to your business. It’s also a good idea to choose colors that match your branding by using the colors in your logo or featuring the logo in your design to help make your brand more recognizable. Make sure to choose Pantone colors to keep the shades consistent.

But if vibrant colors don’t fit your brand, there are still many other ways to make your design pop. For example, you could make your design larger than life so that it’s sure to get noticed. You could also try using contrasting colors or high-contrast black and white to make your design stand out. If you want to play around with fonts, keep in mind that simple fonts are easiest to read from a distance. 

4: Consider the View Distance

If your design features any text, it’s essential to make it the right size, so it’s readable from a distance. People should be able to read your design at a glance as they walk by, even if it’s just your store hours. And if you want people to be able to read promotional text or the name of your business from their car, then you’ll need to go even larger. 

To read text from two feet away, it should be at least 5pt. To view the text from five feet away, it should be at least 13pt. And to read it from ten feet away, it should be 25pt or larger. 

Window Graphics in Tempe, Arizona

Once your design is ready for print, send it to the professionals at Mousegraphics. We offer a wide variety of window graphics printing options, including perforated window vinyl, semi-transparent, opaque, etched glass, and store lettering. Make sure to order your holiday and sale window graphics early to beat supply chain issues. Give us a call at 480-470-7438 today to discuss your project. 

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (11/28/2022). Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash