How Supply Chain Issues Are Affecting the Printing Industry

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How Supply Chain Issues Are Affecting the Printing Industry

Although trade shows have returned, the printing industry is still facing supply chain issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. If you need trade show booth materials, it’s important to place your print order well ahead of time to account for possible delays. 

At Mousegraphics, we want to help you complete your projects with time to spare before your next trade show or marketing campaign. Read on to learn how to ensure you meet your print project deadline. 

Three Ways Supply Chain Issues Impact the Printing Industry

1: Paper and Ink Shortages

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses shut down or transitioned to at-home workforces, and events like trade shows were delayed or canceled. As a result, there was less need for printed marketing and business materials. 

But with the return to in-person work and plenty of businesses and events back up and running, paper and ink are once again in high demand. This has led to shortages of paper and ink that are impacting the print industry. Specialty papers and ink are especially hard to come by, so make sure you plan even farther ahead for orders that require custom materials. 

2: Shipping Delays

FedEx, UPS, and USPS are all still slow due to the shortage of drivers and trucks. There’s no guarantee that orders will arrive when expected, even when ordering faster delivery options like overnight or two-day service options. This means your print provider might not be able to get the materials they need to complete your project within their usual timeframe. And, if you order prints online, you can expect them to arrive late due to the same transportation issues.  

3: Labor Shortages

Many businesses are currently understaffed, and that doesn’t just apply to small businesses like local print shops. Major printing companies, mail companies, ink manufacturers, paper mills, and more have all been affected by the labor shortage. These issues with staffing put stress on the printing industry supply chain that is causing delays in every stage of the printing process. 

How to Ensure You Meet Your Print Project Deadline

Don’t let supply chain issues scare you away from the printing industry. Local print shops like Mousegraphics are still able to bring your graphic designs to life, it just takes a little bit more time than it used to. Follow the tips below to ensure you’re able to complete your print project with plenty of time to spare. 

1: Know Your Options Ahead of Time

With specialty paper and ink in short supply, it’s important to know which options are already available before you send a project to print. Ask your print shop what they have in stock and whether or not some projects might take longer than others to print. Provide as much information as you can about your project, so the print shop team can help you select the best materials to fit your budget and your deadline.

2: Order Early

Whether you need print materials for a trade show, a marketing campaign, or another project, it’s always best to plan ahead. The earlier you can get the design completed and the prints ordered, the better. Even if your design is ready months before you need the prints, don’t hesitate to get a quote and place your order. It’s even a good idea to let your print company know your deadline, so they can tell you if it’s possible for them to complete your order in time. 

3: Adjust Your Budget

Inflation has also impacted the printing industry. The rise in transportation, ink, and paper costs has led to higher prices for print orders. When planning your project budget, make sure you factor in the higher costs of printing. You can help keep costs down by sticking to standard paper and ink options. Discuss your options with your print shop so you can make the necessary adjustments.

Order Your Print Materials Today

If you have a graphic design project that’s ready to go, please don’t hesitate to give Mousegraphics a call. We offer a wide range of high quality print products and services to meet your marketing needs. 

We’ve been operating successfully within the constraints caused by supply chain issues in the printing industry for some time now. Our expert team can let you know whether the deadline for your print project is achievable. Call us at (480) 470-7438 today to request a quote for your next project. 

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