6 Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

benefits of direct mail marketing

6 Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Although digital marketing is extremely popular, there are still many benefits to a marketing strategy that features physical materials. Direct mail marketing adds a personal touch to your advertising campaign and can widen your reach. At Mousegraphics, we print a wide variety of materials that can be used with direct mail campaigns—continue reading to learn more about the advantages of direct mail marketing. 

What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

A direct mail marketing campaign involves sending out printed marketing materials to potential and existing customers to promote your business, products, and services. There are many types of direct mail advertising materials—called direct mailers—like catalogs, brochures, postcards, and flyers. Direct mail advertising is an effective strategy because it offers many advantages over digital marketing.  

Six Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

1: Memorable

Direct mailers are memorable because they are more personal and tangible. Opening mail addressed to you can feel exciting, no matter who it’s from. In fact, 41% of Americans enjoy opening new mail and look forward to checking their mailbox every day.

Direct mailers are also easier to save—digital marketing often gets lost amongst dozens of other emails. Plus, printed materials offer the consumer the freedom to read them at their convenience. For these reasons, printed marketing materials make customers more likely to remember your business when they need your products or services. 

2: Reaches a Wide Audience

Digital marketing can’t reach people who don’t use social media or check their email frequently. Direct mail marketing can help expand your advertising to a wider audience. With direct mailers, you can convert the customers you might otherwise miss with digital marketing. 

3: Less Competition

Another advantage of direct mail advertising is that there aren’t many businesses that still use the strategy. With less competition, your brochures, catalogs, or other materials are more likely to stand out. You can further encourage potential customers to read your material by using a bright, eye-catching design. 

4: Increases Brand Awareness

Consistent direct mailers that feature your logo and brand colors make potential customers more familiar with your business. Increasing brand awareness builds loyalty by ensuring that your business is the first one a customer thinks of when they need a service your business can provide. Sending out simple monthly postcards with a promotional code or coupon is a great way to increase both brand awareness and sales.

5: Creative

There are many ways to use creativity in your direct mail advertising campaigns. Direct mailers with different textures and unique shapes will grab the recipient’s attention. Make sure to include a strong call to action that tells the customer what to do next after reading your material. 

You can also get creative by pairing your direct mailers with your digital marketing campaign. For example, try including a QR code on your physical materials that brings them to your web page. Interactive direct mailers with codes and coupons also make your customers more likely to keep and respond to your marketing materials.   

6: Builds Trust

Potential customers trust physical mail more than digital advertising because it proves your business is legitimate. Internet users who are unfamiliar with a business may be wary of online advertisements. Direct mailers show that your business actually exists, helping to create a trustworthy relationship with your clients. 

Printing Services in Tempe, AZ

There are many different types of direct mailers to choose from. The experts at Mousegraphics can print flyers, postcards, brochures, and much more! We provide a wide range of affordable print services for Arizona businesses. Experience the various benefits that direct mail marketing can offer—contact us to request an estimate for your next print project. 

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