5 Different Laminate Finishes

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5 Different Laminate Finishes

Do you want marketing materials that last? Materials printed on regular paper are easily destroyed, and can quickly end up in the trash at trade shows and other events. But you can make sure your promotional products resist wear and tear with different types of laminate finishes.  

Sturdy, professional-looking catalogs, brochures, flyers, and other materials are sure to leave a good impression. All types of laminate finishes improve the water resistance and durability of printed products, and each option offers its own unique benefits. Here’s more about the different types of laminate finish options and how they work. 

Five Different Types of Laminate Finishes

1: Gloss

This type of laminate finish makes printed products shiny and attractive. A gloss finish also makes text look crisper and colors more vibrant. The gloss effect enhances high-contrast graphic designs. Because a glossy finish is durable and resistant to dirt and fingerprints, it is a popular choice for catalogs, restaurant menus, maps, and other items that are constantly handled.  

2: Matte

Another popular laminate finish in printing is matte, which appears more “natural” when compared to gloss. This type of finish is not shiny, produces less contrast, and the overall design looks and feels much softer.

Because a matte finish is non-reflective, it’s the perfect option for trade shows and other brightly lit events. Attendees can easily read your materials or view parts of your booth display without dealing with glare. Matte finishes are also very resistant to scratches and dirt, so they hold up well when passed out during events. 

3: Satin

Another type of subdued finish is satin, which creates a sleek, sophisticated design. In appearance, satin is between gloss and matte. A satin finish provides a very soft texture that will make your printed products more memorable. Like matte, satin paper is also a good choice for prints you plan to hand out in brightly-lit settings. Both text and photos will be easily readable and the page will feel soft to the touch, offering an engaging, professional design. 

4: Textured

Satin and matte finishes have a velvety soft texture, but there are also many other textures you can add to your printed materials. Textured finishes are perfect for making unique business cards and other materials. Metallic, embossed, and other textured finishes are physically engaging, and can help your business stand out. With embossing, you can also create designs with raised text to add unique texture to your print. 

5: Dry Erase

There are even dry erase laminate finishes that allow you to create prints that you can write on. Dry-erase finishes are very smooth, so you can easily write on them with a dry erase marker, and they are also easy to clean. You can use them to make custom products like a scoreboard for trade show booth games, an office calendar, memo boards, sales goal charts, hospital room patient charts, and more. 

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