How to Promote Your Brand with Print Marketing

How to Promote Your Brand with Print Marketing

With all the clutter of digital advertising, it’s easy for your message to get drowned out or lost amid the chaos. That’s why print marketing is making a comeback. And the returns can be well worth the investment. Putting a tactile piece of advertising in front of someone creates an experience that’s more physically engaging and longer-lasting than a virtual one. Social media and online ads haven’t yet replaced the more traditional marketing methods for good reason—print advertising works. 

Four Print Marketing Ideas for Brand Promotion

Print marketing materials encompass a wide variety of products, from leaflets, catalogs, brochures, and flyers to A-frame signs, window graphics, counter displays, and more. We’ve outlined four examples of how small businesses can use these tools to promote their brand in their local communities.  

Direct mail recipients purchase 28% more items and spend more money than people who don’t get that same piece of direct mail. You can promote your business locally with mailers that advertise grand openings, seasonal sales, special offers, the release of a new product, or to announce that you’re taking on new clients.

Coffee shops, craft stores, restaurants, yoga studios, car washes, and many other small businesses hand out loyalty cards to new customers to help bring them back in the door time and time again. The cards can be personalized with your brand colors, logo, and a reminder of what makes you valuable to your clientele. 

Well-designed print materials that explain the features, services, and benefits of your business will attract more customers. You can promote brand awareness by passing them out to potential customers, or use them to let your current clients know about other products you offer. New businesses often send a targeted mailer to the surrounding neighborhoods to let the locals know that they’re open and available. 

Print materials are also easily shared among customers. For example, a local meat market has a section by their register displaying flyers that advertise discounted prices on pork bundles. A repeat customer didn’t know about the bundles, sees the flyer while checking out, and shares it with her friend. The two later go in together on a bundle, and the friend becomes another regular customer.

Your brand message, image, or even quotes can make a big impact on a hanging banner, magnetic sign, or window display. Banners can be used in many applications from hanging on a table at a farmer’s market stand, to becoming a backdrop at a trade show. A standing banner in a restaurant’s waiting area, for example, is an easy way to let the public know of an upcoming event your business is hosting with live music and drink specials for the holiday season. 

To make a lasting impression, you need to make sure your print materials are memorable. A design that catches your reader’s attention and keeps them reading long enough to store the information away, is crucial to a good piece of print marketing. From incorporating your brand colors and logo to ensuring there is enough white space, you’ll want to consider all the fine details before you send your designs to print. 

Now that your wheels are turning with ideas on how to promote your brand with print marketing, it’s time to get started by contacting a printer in your area. For affordable, high-quality printed marketing materials like banners, window graphics, direct mailers, and more, go with Mousegraphics. To request a quote or discuss which of our products will best meet your needs, give us a call at 480-470-7438 today.