5 Trade Show Materials Your Exhibit Needs

trade show materials - shot of a trade show booth to which many people are visiting

5 Trade Show Materials Your Exhibit Needs

Trade shows are one of the best opportunities for your business to connect with new clients, and if you want to make a good impression, your printed trade show materials need to be on point. Making a memorable visual impact requires thoughtful planning and preparation. That’s why it never hurts to create a trade show packing list for special events.

When it comes to printed materials, Mousegraphics has you covered! Tempe’s resident digital print specialists can support any display size, from a simple tabletop show to a modular booth. Our experience in supporting businesses at trade shows gives us expert insight into which materials make a trade show exhibit successful.

Business Cards

Well-designed, professional business cards are an excellent way to make a good first impression of your culture and work ethic. A simple business card can go a long way to making a lasting impression on motivated yet overstimulated trade show visitors. Business cards that are sleek and straightforward can convey vital information about your identity. They also provide the necessary contact information if a potential client wants to speak further or begin a partnership. Overall, business cards are a significant first step in developing your trade show marketing strategy.

Retractable Banners

When you need portability, easy setup, and an eye-catching design, retractable banners offer the perfect solution. Anyone on your team can easily and quickly transport banners to and from venues, without needing a great deal of time to set up. Most importantly, banners with eye-catching designs can draw in large crowds and convey information effectively for how little time they take to set up.

Chargers and Power Banks

If you plan to use technology in your exhibit, you’ve got to have a ready power supply. Tablets and laptops need to have a consistent power source to ensure usability at all times. While expo organizers often provide electrical outlets, it’s best to come prepared with branded power banks that can keep your devices charged. That way, you won’t lose a potential lead if you’re unable to present the digital information you had neatly prepared for them. You should also have a printed brochure ready in case of power failures.

QR Codes

Since any smartphone can scan QR codes, now is the perfect time to consider implementing them as part of your marketing strategy. QR codes are virtual gateways that provide access to information, service pages, discounts, and even contests for visitors. They can be included on banners, brochures, and flyers to allow easy access by any potential leads who wish to learn more about your services. QR codes bring the best of both worlds together by combining printed and digital trade show materials.

VR Devices

Virtual reality devices such as headsets and controls may be helpful if you’re hoping to demonstrate a product or service. Rather than renting out a larger space to showcase your products, you can use VR devices to give your visitors a personal, hands-on experience. Virtual reality allows you to showcase many types of products that are difficult to exhibit. Plus, it creates a novel experience that draws in clients who may not otherwise notice your booth.

Preparing Trade Show Materials for Your Debut?

When preparing for your first showcase at a trade show, you need eye-catching printed materials that will make you stand out. Here at Mousegraphics, we provide top-quality displays that incorporate our clients’ best designs and conform to trade show specs. Before your next trade show venture, contact us at (480) 470-7438, and find out how we can help you shine.

Photo by Product School on Unsplash.