The 4 Best Large Format Laminate Finishes

printing a large poster on a wide format printer

The 4 Best Large Format Laminate Finishes

Large format prints can help your business stand out at a trade show or on a busy sidewalk. Oversized banners, signs, and wall wraps can all make a huge visual impact. But don’t forget to choose the right finish! 

A laminate finish creates a smooth protective layer that can be either glossy, satin, matte, or textured. Although lamination is expensive for small items, it can be worthwhile for large format prints, especially if you intend to use them for a long time. Lamination helps improve the durability and water resistance of the print material, so it’s a common choice for large outdoor graphics. But it can also be a great choice for indoor graphics, with the right type of finish. 

Here’s how to choose the right finish for your large format project. 

The Four Best Types of Laminate Finishes for Large Format Prints

1: Matte

Matte lamination creates a non-reflective finish that helps minimize glare. Print products with a matte finish are easily readable in bright light, making matte a great option for large format graphics in well-lit retail stores and indoor trade shows

2: Gloss

Gloss lamination results in a reflective finish that can make a vibrant, high-contrast impact. Gloss can help enhance colors and image clarity, making your print product more attractive. However, gloss laminates can be subject to glare, so placement is key when deciding between matte vs. gloss finishes. Gloss is commonly used for large format outdoor signage.

3: Satin

A satin finish is a compromise between glossy and matte. Satin lamination visually enhances your design like a gloss finish, but is much easier to read in brightly lit settings, like matte. It also has a soft, velvety texture that’s similar to matte. If you want the benefits of a glossy finish but worry the harsh lights will reflect on the surface, satin is the best choice. 

4: Textured 

There are a variety of textured finishes to choose from for large format graphics. For example, canvas lamination is often used for indoor signage and trade show displays to give the print an artistic touch. The final product looks and feels similar to a canvas, turning your design into a piece of art. 

Another common textured laminate finish for large format graphics is linen. This finish gives the print a subtle woven pattern that looks and feels like linen, helping to add depth and dimension to your print. Linen finishes are commonly used for indoor displays and conference graphics like banners and directional signs. 

Textured finishes are especially common with floor graphics because they help create an anti-slip surface. Concrete, woodgrain, and stone are a few of the best options for floor graphic finishes. 

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