5 Print Materials You Need for Your Upcoming Conference

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5 Print Materials You Need for Your Upcoming Conference

Nervous about presenting at your next conference? Whether you’re new to conferences or an old pro, it’s important to have the right materials to ensure your success. We put together this checklist of essential conference materials and supplies so you can plan your presentation to perfection. 

Five Essential Conference Branding Materials

1: Folders

If you’re presenting something like an annual report, you’ll likely have a thick stack of documents with important statistics, charts, and other data for each of the attendees. Obviously, you’ll need folders to keep all that information organized. But don’t just choose cheap office supply store folders—customized presentation folders can make a much bigger impact. 

Sleek folders with your company’s name and logo printed on them help add a professional touch. They also allow attendees to organize any other flyers, business cards, etc. they pick up at the conference. The branding, professionalism, and convenience that your folders provide will help make your business more memorable. 

2: Flyers and Brochures

Even if you’re giving a brief, informal presentation that doesn’t involve a bunch of documents, it’s still important to have some one-page handouts to give your attendees. A simple, eye-catching flyer or detailed brochure can help remind your audience of your key points. 

Handouts also make it easy for them to find your contact information so they can follow up when the conference is over. Remember to design your promotional conference materials with your branding colors in mind to help make your company more recognizable. 

3: Business Cards

Even in today’s digital age, business cards are essential for networking. Giving out elegant business cards is still a quick and effective way to share your contact information with potential leads. The more unique and professional-looking the card, the more likely someone will be to keep the card and reach out. 

No matter how creative you get with your design, make sure to choose a thick cardstock, use a simple font, and consider adding texture, if time and budget allow. And since we do live in a digital age, it’s a good idea to include a QR code on your business card that conveniently sends the recipient to your website or social media profile. 

4: Banners and Signs

Another great way to make your business and your presentation more memorable is by using some creative conference signage. For instance, retractable banners are easy to set up, and can generate interest in your presentation by giving attendees an idea of what to expect. 

Directional signage is also important if you need to guide people to the room where you’ll be giving the presentation. Any signage you use should use eye-catching colors, be easy to read from a distance, and remain consistent with your branding. 

5: Name Tags

It may seem obvious to include name tags at a networking event, but many people forget to include them in their conference collateral. Professional name tags and badges make you more approachable, and help the person you’re talking to remember your name. 

Name tags also help identify presenters and staff members, so that attendees know exactly who they need to communicate with to get the answers they need. As with all of your marketing materials, it’s important to design your name tags to match your branding. 

Professional Conference Material Printing in Tempe, Arizona

Working with a local print shop is the best way to ensure your conference materials turn out exactly the way you want. At Mousegraphics, we print a wide variety of branding materials for conferences, trade shows, investor meetings, and more. We’ll help you select the best types of materials for your needs. Give us a call at 480-470-7438 to learn more. 

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