4 Benefits of Using Local Printing Services

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4 Benefits of Using Local Printing Services

Planning for an event like a trade show, farmers market, or wedding can be overwhelming. You’ll need a variety of printed materials, from banners and flyers to programs and invitations. 

Ordering materials online is a popular option, but it just can’t match the major benefits offered by local printing services. Here are some reasons why you should consider working with a local print shop instead of placing an order online. 

Four Benefits of Local Printing Services

1: Personalized Service

Local print shops offer personalized services that large companies simply cannot match. There typically isn’t much communication involved with placing an order online. But with a local print shop, you can speak directly with a printing expert and discuss your needs in detail. They’ll be able to offer suggestions on the best ways to make your project perfect. 

Local printing professionals can also offer expert advice on which paper choices, ink colors, and laminate finishes will best suit your event. You can rest easy knowing that the finished product will look even better than you envisioned. 

2: Fast Turnaround

When you need print materials produced quickly, it’s best to choose a local print shop. Because you can pick up your order as soon as it’s ready, you won’t have to worry about how long your shipment could be delayed or about your package getting lost or stolen.

Your local printing company will work with you to establish a timeline that ensures your materials are printed on time. They can usually offer faster turnaround than online printing services because they are in your community and can communicate with you directly about the process.

That being said, it’s crucial that you order your materials as early as possible when ordering from a local printer or ordering online. The printing industry is still facing setbacks due to pandemic-related supply chain issues, so it can take two to three weeks for some print orders to be ready.  

3: No Extra Costs

Although some products can be more expensive at a local print shop than an online printer, you can avoid many unnecessary extra costs when you order printed materials locally. Shipping costs, for example, can add up quickly, but you can avoid shipping costs altogether by picking up your order in person.  

Plus, people are often unhappy with the quality of the products that online companies provide.  To get what they need, they turn to a local printer to redo their order correctly. You can skip the frustration and wasted cost of a badly printed job by going straight to your local print shop. 

4: Better Quality Control

Local print shops offer better quality assurance than online printers because they double-check your project throughout the printing process. Working with a local print shop also gives you more control over the quality of your printed materials. 

You get to see samples of a local printer’s work in person before you make a decision, which you can’t do with an online printing company. You can also ask for proofs and make adjustments as necessary to ensure that your materials are printed to your exact specifications. 

High Quality Printing Services in Tempe, Arizona

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