Menu Boards Are Part of Your Restaurant’s Future

menu boards - customer or employee stands looking at coffee chop menu board.

Menu Boards Are Part of Your Restaurant’s Future

Menu boards are becoming the norm for restaurants as they look for effective ways to communicate with their customers. Rather than relying on handheld menus that get passed around from person to person, menu boards offer an eye-catching menu that your customers can interact with at a safe distance. As wall murals, printed menu boards artistically display your restaurant’s style and identity. Here’s how menu board implementation can help boost your sales and your reputation.

A Cleaner Menu for a Cleaner Restaurant

In the wake of Covid-19, food service cleanliness has become a concern for restaurants everywhere. They have had to consider how to improve sanitation at all levels for the safety of their customers. Besides safer food handling, one of the primary concerns has been the issue of handheld menus.

Multiple solutions have been proposed, such as disposable menus or laminated menus that can be cleaned. However, these options either create waste or cut down on efficiency. Communal menu boards avoid both of these issues while providing a centralized, controlled focus point for your customers. As such, restaurants have begun adopting them in larger numbers for the safety of customers and staff alike.

Highlight Your Best Items

The design space of a menu board also allows you to focus on your strengths as a restaurant. By centralizing your menu, you can highlight the items you wish to push and emphasize your best-sellers to generate more sales. Ultimately, the menu board is a frame that guides a customer’s eyes through its layout to make the right choices. Designers can even use details like white space and color theory to increase readability and focus on your top items.

Emphasize Your Identity Through Menu Boards

Printed menu boards also offer an opportunity to express your restaurant’s unique identity. By creating a central focus point for your customers, you can curate the impressions they get about your restaurant and the food and drinks you offer. 

For instance, a rustic, traditional, sit-down restaurant can incorporate iconic frontier imagery alongside its items. A casual cafe that caters to a younger crowd can design menu boards with artistic flourishes that evoke the creative side of their culinary experience. Even drive-thru and quick-service restaurants can benefit from simple, yet practical menu boards that emphasize speed and satisfaction.

In a competitive marketplace, it is crucial that restaurants promote themselves effectively and provide a unique experience. Similarly to the way that food trucks might use vehicle wraps, menu boards provide an opportunity to express your culture creatively. 

Interested in Printed Menu Boards for Your Restaurant?

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Photo by Levi Elizaga on Unsplash.