What Is the Exhibitors’ Handbook?

exhibition stand at a trade show

What Is the Exhibitors’ Handbook?

The Exhibitors’ Handbook offers a one-stop solution for businesses constructing exhibition stands. Their catalog provides every option needed for perfectly displaying your team’s printed marketing materials, from banner stands to modular displays. As the premier full-service digital print shop in Phoenix, Mousegraphics is prepared to print materials that will work perfectly with their display products.

Using the Exhibitors’ Handbook

The Exhibitors’ Handbook aims to provide a standardized set of display products for exhibitors who want to make a great impression at their events. From first-time exhibitors to convention pros, any marketing team can use their high-quality products for every part of their display.

The Exhibitors’ Handbook regularly updates and publishes a catalog of their products. These catalogs provide examples and size options for every display item. Your marketing team can study the catalog and choose the types of displays that best serve your needs.

The catalog provides examples of:

  • Portable Displays and Display Systems
  • Fabric Displays and Structures
  • Modular Exhibit Systems
  • Accents and Accessories

Additionally, the Exhibitors’ Handbook is not limited to standardized designs. Their team has 40 years of design experience, and they are happy to construct custom exhibition displays for clients who need to provide unique settings and experiences. Whether you need custom or standardized designs, they always produce a high level of quality that their competitors cannot match.

How Does the Exhibitors’ Handbook Help My Team?

When attending an exhibition or trade show, your team’s focus should be on marketing and selling your products and services. To do so, they need reliable, high-quality materials that are easy to prepare and present. 

Additionally, the Exhibitors’ Handbook assists in the sales process by providing a consistent line of customizable products that your team can trust to handle the stress of exhibition work. Their display stands and booth designs ensure that your team can professionally present any printed marketing materials.

What Can I Display Using the Exhibitors’ Handbook’s Products?

The Exhibitors ‘ Handbook has you covered if your team wants to create a unique space on the convention floor. Their custom exhibition displays allow you to draw in visitors and take advantage of trade show exhibition benefits. Thanks to thoughtful display design and setup, you can be confident that your stand’s space will be effective yet safe.

Overall, the Exhibitors’ Handbook provides a trusted source of standardized display materials that your team can use repeatedly. Their products even come with instructions for your team to use when preparing materials for printing. This assistance helps ease the burden of preprint review, allowing you and Mousepgrahics to create perfect prints the first time around.

Custom Printing for Exhibitors’ Handbook Displays

Do you need marketing materials to display with your Exhibitors’ Handbook’s stands? The team at Mousegraphics are digital printing experts that can help any client understand the print process. When printing your team’s banners and displays for trade shows and exhibitions, we’re happy to help you with every step, so you make a great first impression. Contact us today at (480) 470-7438 or send us a message to schedule a consultation.

Photo by Wu Yi on Unsplash.