How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Window Graphics

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How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Window Graphics

Windows are a blank canvas just waiting for your unique designs. And luckily, adding window graphics to your business is affordable and easy. They can attract attention, boost your sales, and more. If you’re wondering whether window graphics are right for your small business, let’s take a closer look at some of the many benefits they have to offer. 

Five Benefits of Vinyl Window Graphics

1: Cost-Effective Advertising

Many advertising methods require paying recurring fees for ad space, or purchasing a permit. Even when you advertise in your own space for free, you may have to purchase additional hardware to hang banners or frames. But with window graphics, all you pay for is the production of the signage. This makes window decals ideal for small businesses with a tight budget.

2: Attract More Customers

Good signage boosts business and improves sales by making your business more visible and more attractive. Bold, vibrant, unique window graphics encourage people to stop and look. After reading the signs, they might look your business up online or even step inside. 

You can also use window graphics to highlight your sales, promotions, and products. Adding a call to action to your window signage, such as “ask an employee for more information” or “come inside to learn more” can draw more customers in.

However, you don’t have to go all out to see an increase in sales. Even simple vinyl lettering can improve sales by clearly communicating your hours, or directing customers to your front entrance if there are multiple doors. The more convenient your customers’ experience is, the higher the chances of conversion. 

3: Versatile Design Options

There are so many design possibilities for window graphics—sizes can range from a small logo for your door to graphics that fill an entire window. There are also many different types of window graphics: 

  • Vinyl Lettering: individually cut letters, numbers, and characters that are typically used for directional signage or listing the hours of operation. 
  • Perforated Vinyl Window Graphics: appears as an opaque design on the outside, but lets people inside see right through. Perforated vinyl graphics are the perfect way to create privacy without eliminating natural light or the view outdoors. 
  • Opaque Graphics: if you are always fighting glare or want more privacy for your clients, opaque window graphics are the way to go. 
  • Semi-Transparent: create the appearance of etched glass without the expense. 

4: Easy Installation and Maintenance

Window graphics are easy to install and remove, so you don’t have to commit to long-term advertising campaigns. You can create festive holiday designs, or change your promotions and advertisements as often as necessary. 

Window graphics can also be long-lasting if you take care of them. All you need to clean window decals is a soft microfiber cloth, water, and mild soap. 

To install a window graphic, you first need to clean the surface (this prevents bubbles and wrinkles) then place the sticker using application fluid and a squeegee. To remove the decal, all you have to do is peel off the graphic—it won’t leave behind any residue when removed carefully. 

5: Increase Brand Awareness

The more familiar your brand, the more trustworthy your business seems. Using window graphics to grow brand awareness helps keep your business front-of-mind when people need your type of services or products. You can spread brand awareness by using window graphics that incorporate your branding colors, logo, or slogans. 

Custom Window Graphics in Tempe

Experience the benefits for yourself with custom window graphics from Mousegraphics. We can produce perforated graphics, lettering, etched glass decals, or any other type of window graphics to meet your needs. We’ve been helping local businesses stand out from the crowd with high-quality graphics for over 30 years. Give us a call at 480-470-7438 today to get a quote for printing your next project. 

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (12/15/2022). Photo by Rojan Maharjan on Unsplash